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Best burgers in New York City you can get delivered

best burgers in new york city

You’ve been in New York a while, which means you’ve checked enough items off your bucket list that you no longer feel the need to fight with half of humanity for enough space to lay down a blanket in Central Park on Memorial Day. Sure, it’s sunny, and you’ll get in some time outside, but all you really want is the day off of work and a burger. Let Seamless save you the trouble of running out by letting them deliver you one of the best burgers in New York City.

Oh, wait, you thought you had to dress up and head downtown to get a quality burger? Think again. We teamed up with Seamless, that crusher of stubborn cravings, to find the best burgers in New York City that you can get delivered right to your door.

So crank up the AC, make sure you have the Seamless app (which is available for Android and iOS) and start sifting through the savory options — with burgers this delicious, it might take a while.

Best burgers in New York City on Seamless

Forget all those “for” caveats. These aren’t just the best burgers in New York City “for delivery.” Seamless sifted through their data, including honest reviews and ratings from diners just like you, to find the best of the best. But these meaty meals don’t just have to taste delicious; they also have to sail through the delivery process, on time and still piping hot.

So find the burger spot that delicious to your apartment, and rest assured that the cheese will still be gooey when you hear the doorbell ring.

Burger Time

1080 Morris Park Avenue
(347) 619-6753
See their menu

Five of their burgers make the list of the most popular menu items — and that’s if you don’t include the sliders. Diners come back to order more of the classics, Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers, as well as more signature stacks like the Zesty Burger (with grilled onions and BBQ sauce) and the French Fried Onion Burger (topped with bacon cheese onion rings). One top reviewer said it best: “The order was on time and food was still hot. The burgers were delicious! The Excaliburger was fantastic! Burger Time is defiantly [sic] my go to spot for burgers and fries.” (PS: They have fried cheesecake.)


Burger Heights

79 Audubon Ave
(917) 775-0958
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What you see is what you get from this Hudson Heights hideout. What they don’t have in endless burger options, they make up for in simple but spot-on flavors and food that “never disappoints.” “The burger was hot and delicious and the fries were cooked perfectly,” one diner raved, and they were favorably compared to two big burger chains in NYC. One top reviewer who left a five-star rating even said, “If I could give more stars I would. Hands down the best food I’ve ordered in the Heights.”


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Louie’s Dale Diner

189 W 231st St
(646) 927-1356
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You’ll get a mini Memorial Day spread with any of the burgers off this menu. They come with a side of coleslaw and a pickle and boast mouthwater toppings from a gooey fried egg to thick-cut Canadian bacon. Many diners agreed with this reviewer, who praised her order in three different areas: “quick delivery order was correct and the food was excellent.” Overall, it’s one of the best burgers in New York City if you need that classic diner comfort delivered right to your couch.


Petey’s Burger

4646 Vernon Blvd
(917) 924-1176
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If you and your friends’ idea of the best burgers in New York City is the classics, hamburgers and cheeseburgers done simple and right, then this is your place. They even have three different veggie burger options for your meat-free friends. “Petey’s is the best burger you can get,” one top reviewer wrote. “Delivery is always fast!” Another gushed: “The double cheeseburger with bacon is delicious and the fries SO GOOD.”


Bareburger, Bayside

4238 Bell Blvd
(718) 885-4167
See their menu

Chances are you’ve seen this burger chain, but have you given them a chance? You can build a burger custom to your own tastes, but the Standard Burger (with American cheese, caramelized onions and a subtly sweet brioche bun) and the Buckaroo Burger (featuring aged cheddar, smoked brisket, wild mushrooms and a smoke sauce) are some of their top ordered items. “Burgers are amazing and their French fries with union [sic] rings with special sauce is very tasty,” one diner commented, while another summed up the experience nicely: “Excellent selection of food, well prepared, delicious and fresh.”


Avenita Diner

83-23 Parsons Blvd
(929) 202-8558
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Trust hungry customers like you and choose the Avenita Burger, which comes with avocado, jalapenos, bacon and pepper Jack cheese. It’s one of the top sellers and basically a California vacation on a bun. But if you feel like really mixing things up, combine two classic cravings with their Pizza Burger. “The food is always delivered early, hot and delicious. The order is always correct,” one repeat diner gushed. Another top reviewer said “avenita never disappoints,” because “the food is always good.”


Bareburger, Ditmars

2301 31st St
(917) 473-3789
See their menu

Just like at their other location, this Bareburger outpost excels in The Standard Burger, which ranks among the most ordered items. One top reviewer, who ordered the Supreme Burger (with American cheese and black forest bacon, topped with onion rings and chopped fries) gave high praise for everything ordered: “Amazing burguers [sic]! Best onion rings we ever had. We are in love with their specialty sauces!” Another perfectly summed up the stellar reviews, writing: “Great service fast delivery yummy food.”


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Wahi Diner

3915 Broadway Ave
(646) 774-0874
See their menu

They’re not messing around here. In fact, mark this restaurant on the list of best burgers in New York City as your go-to if you want almost endless options. The Greek burger even comes topped with feta cheese, tzatziki sauce and a slice of gyro meat. Many reviewers gave this diner high marks for “super fast delivery,” and one called out that “it’s good and affordable af.” So if you want one of the best burgers in NYC without dropping major dough, you now have a go-to.


New York Burger Co.

678 6th Ave
(929) 200-1472
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Classic burger or speciality? You better decide going in because the options will leave you torn and ravenous if you don’t. Their speciality burgers, named after Manhattan neighborhoods, boast less common condiments and toppers like blue cheese, 1000 Island sauce, portobello mushrooms and chipotle honey sauce. “Bowery burger was delicious! Will order again,” one satisfied customer wrote. Another suggested dessert: “The burgers are amazing and the Oreo shake is incredible.” Hungry yet?



3431 Broadway Ave
(917) 791-5497
See their menu

You’ll have a hard time deciding between the sandwiches and burgers at this Broadway spot, but if you can skip the sandwich section successfully, you’ll be rewarded with burger options like the Avocado California Burger (with cheddar cheese and cilantro-chipotle aioli) and the Hamilton Burger (with tangy goat cheese and bacon). “You can’t go wrong with this place,” one top review gushed, “the food is such good quality. LOVE the burger with goat cheese & the chicken parm.”