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Best idea ever: ‘Divergent’ summer camp

Divergent Campers at the “Divergent” summer camp will learn mixed martial arts.
Credit: Summit Entertainment

Your summer camp days were probably spend making tie-dye T-shirts and canoeing, right? Well there will be none of that at the upcoming “Divergent” summer camp in Illinois. Yes, that’s right. The geniuses at a local bookstore in Naperville, Illinois watched all the blood, sweat and tears that went into Dauntless training and thought, wouldn’t it be cool to make teens do this stuff in real life? It’s happening.

The tweens and teens who attend will partake in activities that each of the factions in the book do. For example, they’ll try their hand at complicated brain teasers to exercise their Erudite side and make care packages to send to Africa to show their selfless Abnegation side. As for the Dauntless activities, don’t worry, campers won’t be jumping off trains or scaling any ferris wheels. But they will be learning martial arts.

Since the camp is being run by a bookstore, there will be some required reading, especially of the dystopian variety. Not only does this camp make for a well-rounded summer, it will help tweens and teens discover more about themselves and how to use their strongest passions and personality traits for good.

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