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Betty White: Still old, still sassy


What’s that saying about too much of a good thing? I can’t remember exactly how it goes, because my brain is old and feeble. But not as old and feeble as Betty White, about whom this saying applies.

Because, OK, if this was two years ago, and I read in InTouch that she considers herself a “terrible flirt — I love to do it! I get my jollies that way!” and that, at 91-years-old, she’s “much sexier” than ever, I’d laugh affectionately to myself.

“That incorrigible old bag!,” I’d say to myself. “That randy old nana! What a card!” Because it would still be charming, in kind of a gross way, and it would still be new.

Alas now, like so many things that once made me chuckle affectionately and now make me turn the page or change the channel quicker than you can say “wrinkly old boobs” (Vince Vaughn doing that one thing that he does, that’s another) I just no longer care.

If you all, however, are still thrilled and titillated by the bawdy confessions of an adorable old lady with the mouth of old-timey sailer, know this: Betty White is still old, and still sexy, says InTouch.

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