Beyonce and Jay Z at Brooklyn Nets game, April 2014
Beyonce and Jay Z attended a Brooklyn Nets game together in 2014, before things got complicated. Photo: Getty Images

Beyonce commemorated her ninth wedding anniversary with a new video posted to Instagram. The video features her song “Die with You,” her baby bump, Blue Ivy and the man she married and got tatted up with, Jay Z.

J and Bey’s video shows a rare glimpse inside the tattoo parlor where they got their matching tattoos. Other celebrities with wedding tattoos? Beyonce did it first.

The couple each has a Roman numeral IV on their ring fingers. The pair are said to be into numbers and the four represents Queen Bey’s birthday, Sept. 4, J’s birthday, Dec. 4, and their wedding anniversary, April 4.


?4.4.17 ?


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According to various media outlets, Beyonce told Essence in 2008 that engagement rings are “just material and it’s just silly,” but we all do remember that bling she sported on her hand back then, right?

The link to Beyonce's interview with Essence now leads to an unavailable page.

Huffington Post reported in 2014 that the R&B superstar had the tattoo removed sometime around “Solagegate," when little sis went "Kung-Fu Panda" on J in an elevator.

The singer and soon-to-be mom of two also shared photos on Instagram with inspirational quotes about love.

“I don’t need air in my lungs. If I can’t sing your song,” is written over one photo and another displayed with “I don’t really need these fingers. If I didn’t get to touch your spine”


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So, does this mean Beyonce and J are officially past their reported marital troubles stemming from his rumored affair with fashion designer Rachel Roy, aka Becky with the good hair?

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