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BFF to Paris: I’m not that into you

Brittany Flickinger, winner of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF, season one, is “over it.”

Standing in Toronto’s Betsey Johnson boutique, Flickinger has a confident air that says, “Let’s get the effin’ BFF questions out of the way, if you don’t mind.”

You get the impression this girl is more no-nonsense tough than pink fluff. With the help of bed head and a few squirts of hairspray, she’s effortlessly achieved the rock star look. “My hair is gross and awesome. I love it.” she says.

So, to get the BFF question out of the way. No — they are not still in contact. The “bestie” facade was short lived.

They’re not party sidekicks, they’re not shopping partners, they don’t swap boy stories over sushi or call each other up in a drunken stupor at 3 a.m. End of.

According to Flickinger, Hilton’s world is one big shallow party. Are we surprised? “It’s going to take Paris a lot more BFF shows to find someone who’ll tolerate her,” she says.

Although the 24-year-old from Boston is currently based in LA, she’s not yet acclimatized to the scene, preferring grittier cities like Chicago, NYC and of course, Toronto.

Since the show ended, Flickinger has become a celebrity in her own right, travelling the globe for a series of appearances and endorsements.

From the MTV Video Music Awards in Japan and Australia to an appearance at the MMVAs in Toronto, we caught up with her just before she left for the Calgary Stampede.

Asked if she’s overwhelmed by all the attention, she replies, “Meh, not really.” After all, she was a high fashion model for five years and went on to front a band in Las Vegas, so flash-happy photographers are no biggie.

Her primary goal is her music (look out for details of an upcoming collaboration). A fashion line is also on her wish list; outfits that scream “dirty indie kid.” In her own words, “I like to take what a guy wears and change its shape into a sexy girl version.” But she’d also like to try the acting thing. And a perfume would be great, of course.

So are there many contenders for Flickinger’s BFF? Well, obviously. But she’s only interested in “real” friends — the kind that take you off speaker phone once in a while.

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