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Bike parking set for review

Council is looking to remedy bike parking in the city’s core as they prepare to review parking strategies tomorrow.

The land use, planning and transportation committee will discuss the parking policy framework including long-stay bike parking downtown.

As a bike rider, Ald. Brian Pincott said a parking solution needs to be sought during policy meetings.

“A bike strategy is about more than just ‘Where do we put the bike lanes?’ It’s about, ‘Where do you park your bike when you get downtown? How do you park it safely when you get downtown?’” said Pincott.

“It’s really frustrating to be a cyclist downtown where you get somewhere and there’s nowhere to park your bike, this is really frustrating.”

For Sean Carter, owner of Bike Bike shop on 17th Avenue and an avid bike rider, parking his ride in the downtown core is often a struggle.

“It prevents people from riding their bicycles downtown because a lot of people have nice bikes and they don’t want them to be left out in the public domain,” he said.

While Carter has made sure there is bike parking in front of his shop, he often has to chain his $1,500 bike to railings rather than racks.

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