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Bikes ride the Rocket

Cheap and clean, cycling and transit should be a match made in heaven, although traditionally, transit authorities in the Toronto region haven’t rolled out the welcome mat for bikes.

But that’s changing.

A long-awaited bike station opens on the southwest side of Union Station at the York Teamway today with secure parking for 180 bikes. Casual users will be able to access the facility for about $2 a day and there will be monthly and six-month rates.

“People understand (bikes and transit) go together. It’s looking at more ways of moving people outside the private automobile,” said TTC chair Adam Giambrone. “We are trying to integrate walking, cycling and transit to give people alternatives.”

In addition to equipping all buses with bike racks by next year, the TTC is integrating secure bike stations into its stops wherever possible and adding lockers and posts at other spots.

Victoria Park will have secure storage for about 70 bikes by the end of 2010. Pape also is being considered, said Giambrone. As well, new stations on the extended Spadina line will have bike amenities.

Starting at Dufferin this year, bike channels will be added to station staircases as the TTC modernizes its facilities so cyclists don’t have to bump their tires all the way up and down.

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