Bill Murray chucks fans' phones off roof - Metro US

Bill Murray chucks fans’ phones off roof

Bill Murray
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Here’s a tip: If you see Bill Murray relaxing on a restaurant’s rooftop patio, don’t start taking pictures of him. You won’t like how he’ll respond — at least if this weekend is any indication.

A few fans started doing just that after spotting Murray at Vesuvio Restaurant in Carmel, California. When the flashes of their phones’ cameras started irritating him, Murray grabbed the devices and threw them off the second story lounge, the restaurant’s owner tells TMZ.

The “Ghostbusters” star reportedly slipped out before police arrived, but authorities caught up with him eventually and “gave him a stern talking-to,” a source says. Murray offered to pay for any damage to the phones, and all was forgiven, with no one pressing charges.

Still, if you see Murray in the wild, approach with caution.

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