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Bill Murry will steal your fries

A cheery Bill Murray
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Ladies and gentlemen, hide your french fries because Bill Murray is coming after them. Vanity Fair reports that last weekend, the actor was seen munching on a fry that he snatched from a stranger’s plate at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

Thankfully, the RedditorSonowthatimheresnapped a pic of Murray snagging some his friend’s french fries giving us evidence that Murray is in fact a fry theif.

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The first complaintcame about six-years-ago when another redditor said that Murray took some fries off his plate on the corner of 46th street and 7th avenue in New York City .

Murray being the eccentric character that we all know and love yelled, “No one will believe you!” to the victim.

But now Sonowthatimhere’s picture is prompting other victims to speak out.

As soon as he posted the photo, another Redditor commented, “He did this to me at In & Out in Burbank 4 years ago. No one believed me. This post is my own proof that he does in fact do this.”

Could it be possible to like the actor more? Do you Bill Murray. Do you

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