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Billie Joe Armstrong eagerly anticipated Steve Jobs’ death (VIDEO)

In the heat of the moment, we all say things that we’ll later regret.

That’s probably what Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong is feeling today, as footage of him gleefully hoping for Steve Jobs’ death in concert made the rounds today on the Internet.

Green Day was in the middle of a show in Lima, Peru last fall, when Armstrong took the mic to ad-lib during the “American Idiot” guitar solo. Whether he believed what he was about to say or he just wanted to be provocative, we don’t know. What we do know is what he said:

Green Day Hates Steve Jobs
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(Full video of the song here.) UPDATE: Both videos have been pulled from YouTube after copyright complaints from Warner Music. Suspicious! We’ll look to find a mirror, but in the mean time, here’s what Armstrong said:

I can’t wait for Steve Jobs to die of f***ing cancer!

Good to know his label has his back!

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