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Black Skirt: Cute, cosy and OK fare

Black Skirt
3 Charles St. E.

Rating: ***

Black Skirt is a new restaurant in an old location (Wish). That’s a tough sell for the fickle dining crowd, but what helps is its space.

What looks like a converted house has nooks to snuggle in, as well as two fairly open — yet cosy — areas and a patio replete with a small fountain.

The charm extends to the decor: Cushy couches, low-key furnishings and the resto’s trademark, a woman hunched over, feeding pigeons — very modern with a nod to Southern Italy, the cuisine served here.

The staff is friendly and accommodating. And the food is OK. The Antipasti Platter is good, but still ordinary. Sopressata, prosciutto, olives, etc. — it’s something that you could do at home.

The main dish, Ravioli with Brown Butter and Sage is smooth — delicate, savoury ground veal enveloped in stamp size packets — but the dry pastry disappoints, despite the puddle of olive oil that I am assured includes brown butter.

However, the space and service made it an enjoyable night out. Which for a girl who’s all about the food, is definitely a first.


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