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Bland burgers disappoint

Tommy Burger Bar
9629 Macleod Trail SW
(403) 258-0668

Rating: **1/2
Dinner for two with drinks: $37
Signature Dish: BBQ blue burger

Tommy Burger Bar is this decade’s upgrade of the classic burger joint. In place of red and white vinyl booths and jukeboxes are dark wood and flat-screen TVs. Instead of egg creams, you get fancy variations on Caeasars and highballs. But you can still get a cherry coke float ($5), or thick and creamy milkshakes ($6).

So how are the burgers? Unfortunately, a bit lacklustre.

The basic Tommy burger ($10.50) is made with AAA Alberta Angus chuck. That’s a good foundation but the patty was dry and flavourless, like someone forgot the seasonings or didn’t want to offend.

We built our burgers with toppings ($1.50-$4.50) of our choice with mixed results. The maple pepper bacon was a delicious add-on, while the gouda was bland and the fried onions were limp and oily.

Burgers come with tomato, lettuce, red onion, Tommy sauce and chipotle ketchup. You get your choice of sourdough bun, whole-wheat bun, or lettuce wrap as the burger envelope.

Both the sourdough bun and the thick-cut fries on the side were, as best as I can describe, meh.

Perhaps better luck can be had with the veggie patty, Kobe beef patty, or Spolumbo sausage ground with Tommy’s beef.

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