Teen is an all-female band out of Brooklyn, composed of three sisters plus one. Teen balances on a tight wire of musical genres, mostly of produced music – think 80s pop and R&B, with a spot of Debbie Harry. On their latest record, The Way and Color (Carpark), Teen moves more firmly into what could be called R&B electronica.


On “Not For Long,” Teen evokes classic TLC. “Rose 4 U” features a sampled chop of a verse which leads into a choral hook of breathy soprano scales. “Tied Up Tied Down” would be the result if Le Tigre and Aaliyah had a band baby. “Sticky” has echoes of Erykah Badu with an ending not unlike early Sigur Ros.


Layers of electronica float throughout "The Way and Color." Vocally there are PJ Harvey moments with some Bangles segments. But when vocalist Teeny strikes a posture that conjures Jennifer Jason Leigh circa "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" over fuzzed-out guitar, it’s hard not to enjoy.


This week, Teen plays a free show at Celebrate Brooklyn. With a name that poses challenges on the search front, Hit Sauce sorts you out with a link to the show:


Teen plays Celebrate Brooklyn! at Prospect Park Bandshell June 21, 7pm with Dum Dum Girls and Hospitality