U.K. artist Lil Silva makes stormy sweet electronica ballads. His EP "Mabel" came out earlier this month on True Panther. Collaborations with Los Angeles artist BANKS are standouts on a record that blends tech into clouds and sun.

The artists have also joined forces on production of BANKS’ own debut album, “Goddess,” to be released in September on Harvest Records.

"Waiting Game" is the dark single that sticks, pulling you into BANKS' gloom and boom. Lyrics and production build a world of sweet pain creating the sexiest lonely, a perfect fit for a digital world.

I'm thinking it over


The way you make me feel all sexy but it’s causing me shame

I want to lean on your shoulder

I wish I was in love but I don't want to cause any pain

Past EPs from Lil Silva, born TJ Carter, have made him a dance floor stalwart in the U.K. His 2013 release, "Distance," featured Sampha and Rosie Lowe over production at once upbeat and ambient. Space and fluid rhythms are pounced upon by bleeps and glitches. Choral vocals echo over minimal bass tones, faraway drums, and subtle synth. Moody compositions pull into a slow, hypnotic rhythm and carry into a cyber breeze that is somehow one-part island, one-part steel high-rise, muddled.

Lil Silva's "Mabel" EP is out now. Lil Silva's "Mabel" EP is out now.

For the "Mabel" EP Lil Silva promises to bank even further on his unique vision of sound. He himself sings on the single, carrying an optimistic chorus grounded in a bassy tuba tones.

The artist explores new territory on “Mabel.”

“I have no idea how people are going to take this record,” he says. “But this is precious. This is me.”

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