Anyone who's ever been to an NFL game knows the traffic getting to most stadiums can be Hell. But the team buses are supposed to be immune from that.

Not so for the Redskins on Sunday.

Washington's team buses were traveling to the stadium in Minnesota ahead of Sunday's game when the first bus missed an exit ramp. The bus stopped short, and the second bus plowed into the first.

Wide receiver Pierre Garcon tweeted a picture of the second bus, which had its windshield competely knocked out on the driver's side and smashed on the other side.


Thankfully, as Garcon said in his tweet, no one on either bus was injured.

Fox's Jay Glazer did report a police officer was injured in the accident. Usually the teams have a police escort from the team hotel to the stadium (to avoid that aforementioned traffic). You can see the EMS crew assisting an officer in Garcon's photo.

Keenan Robinson, who plays linebacker for the Redskins, had the joke of the day on Twitter.

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