There was a moment last month as I sat in the Wildwoods Convention Center, eating Fritos and watching wrestling, when I thought: "How exactly did I get here?"

The answer: my 8-year-old son.

A neighbor kid got my son interested in the WWE last year. Wrestler John Cena is now my son's hero. I hear Cena's catchphrase "You can't see me!" at least eleventeen times a day.My son begged for a John Cena t-shirt, hat and wrist bands. There is also an arm band, but since my son doesn't have biceps the size of boulders, he wears it as a head band.


When I read that the WWE tour was making a stop in Wildwood, NJ on July 13, I bought two tickets as a surprise for my son. Since I'm a single mom, he got me as a WWE buddy for the night. I got in the spirit by randomly yelling "He's goin' down!"

We drove downashore to Wildwood and waited in a huge line of fans. Many other kids were also dressed in green Cena shirts and hats.

My son and the other fans thoroughly enjoyed all the matches. When Sheamus came out to fight (his second-favorite wrestler), I thought my son's head might levitate off his neck. He knew all the wrestlers, their songs and their signature moves.

I, on the other hand, said things like: "They let GIRLS wrestle? Where are their pants? Cover your eyes!"

At one point, an older man who looked like a Vegas lounge lizard, came out and the crowd went nuts. He had pouffy hair and tottered around. It turns out he is a WWE legend named Ric Flair.

There was a nasty Russian guy with his blonde female manager. She yelled "Shut up! Shut up!" to the crowd when they booed. Another wrestler was as large as a side of beef. My son informed me his name was The Great Khali. I slurped Pepsi and munched Fritos, taking it all in.

Finally, it was time for Cena! Even though he said "You can't see me," we COULD! That is the magic of wrestling. He was in a match with three other dudes. One of them wore an electrically lit jacket and sparkly white underpants. A mean guy on the other team had a lantern and laughed evilly.

Who would win? Evil lantern guy and his pal or Sparkly Underpants Guy and Cena? My son was on edge. The tension, oh, the tension.

You are NOT going to believe this, but Cena and his buddy (Chris Jericho) won. Hurray! And I got some major cool points as a mom. At least until my son's next obsession.

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