Spring radio brings a new crop of young pop stars from abroad. Scantily-clad lasses from Australia and England sing fancy hits while aChilean-Palistinian duet highlights global resistance. For fans of Coldplay and Damon Albarn, there’s Lewis Watson and his pretty guitar.

Lewis Watson is 19 but already has a few recordings and tours under his belt. His first full-length album will be released on Warner Music, July 7.

Highlights from “The Morning” include the songs “Stay,” “Into the Wild,” and “Halo.” Mr. Watson has been writing his heart out for years and this record will include his most poignant thoughts on love, regret, and faith.

His is an optimistic voice with a lilt and an echo. In “Halo,” he writes:


You’re falling apart, come away at the seams
Even when you’re wide awake you’re drowning in your dreams
It’s a wonder you don’t know how wonderful you are
So maybe I should show you now

Lewis Watson hails from Bicester, an historic English village near Oxford University, an hour’s trip from London.He visited New York City on tour in 2013 and brought his sweet country tunes and accent to the Apple. Here’s hoping he comes back soon.

What is the use of just giving in?
You know that if you keep this up you’ll be more scars than skin
Maybe once in a while I could help you
Because they say a problem shared is a problem cut in two

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