As far as rogue mascots go, probably a hawk with 3-inch long talons is the one you'd least like to run into.

But the Seattle Seahawks' bird got loose during Sunday's Giants-Seahawks game and did a little damage to a poor guy's head. To be fair, the bird really seemed fairly friendly. Yes, I'm sure the guy has a few holes in his scalp, but as you can see in the video above, he made nice with it afterward.

If you were curious, there's actually no such thing as a seahawk. Ornithology nuts know you're referring to either an osprey, which is a bird of prey, or a skua, which is not even a hawk. Ospreys are badass birds that are about 2-foot tall and are native to the Pacific Northwest (and much of coastal North America).

But that wasn't an osprey in the video.


The Seahawks mascot is actually not even technically a hawk. The bird, named Taima, is an augur buzzard. And they're native to Africa, not North America.

Frankly, this is more embarrassing than Taima getting lose.

Anyway, fans in attendance mostly took the stray buzzard in stride. As you can see in this tweet, most fans just wanted to get a picture of the bird.

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