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‘Blood, steel and fire’ on the way

Vancouver-based thrash metal band Omega Crom will be coming to Edmonton this August on their Blood, Steel, and Fire tour, bringing their brand of hardcore music across Canada.

The band was born in Burnaby, when lead singer Johnny Ketlo began getting friends together in a broken-down old house to play metal.

Ketlo says the band is excited for their upcoming tour, and says if you like metal, this is the show for you.

“It’s a high-energy show,” he says. “Really over the top — there’s a lot of moshing.”

The band doesn’t plan on staying exclusive to Canada, with hopes of touring Germany, Japan, and all the way down the pacific coast of North America. For now, Omega Crom is happy to be on their Canadian tour, and hopes their fans will come out and show their support.

“Come rock out and have a beer with us,” says Ketlo. “It’ll be a good time.”

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