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Bloomberg slams Occupy Wall Street for not reporting crimes

Mayor Mike Bloomberg slammed Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier
today, when he accused them of not reporting alleged crimes that happen
in Zuccotti Park. Bloomberg called protesters’ actions “despicable.”

Protesters told Metro earlier this week that a man suspected of groping
women in the park was encircled by protesters and asked to leave the
park. It is unclear which protesters also reported the incident to the
police, and when, but Tonye Ilketubosin, 26, was arraigned last night after he was charged with groping an 18-year-old female protester in the park.

The mayor saidIlketubosin is also a suspect in a separate rape case in Zuccotti Park.

“He is, I’m told, also a suspect – but just a suspect — in a rape
case at Zuccotti Park,”said the mayor at a press conference, according to the New York Daily News. “And there have been reports, which are equally as
disturbing that when people in Zuccotti Park become aware of crimes,
instead of calling the police, they form a circle around the
perpetrator, chastise him or her and chase him or her out into the rest
of the city to do who knows what to who knows whom.”

this is in fact happening – and it’s very hard to get good information –
it is despicable,” Bloomberg added. “I think it is
outrageous and it really allows the criminal to strike again making all
of us less safe.”

Earlier this week, Metro asked protested what precautions, if any are taken to protect women at Occupy Wall Street.

let the person who is assaulted make that decision,” said Evangelina
Jimenez, 33, of Portland, Oregon. “It’s up to the victim to decide if
they want to talk to police.”

If someone needs help, simply
shouting “Security!” will draw attention and helping hands to any
situation, protester Michaela Weber, 18, said.

“There was a man
going around groping people but security made him leave,” Weber said.
“They surrounded him and escorted him outside the park.”

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