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Bloomsday events in NYC celebrate James Joyce’s works

Miles Dixon/Metro

June 16th is a big day — for James Joyce fans, that is.

Around the city, events in honor of Bloomsday celebrated Joyce’s lengthy novel “Ulysses” and the character Leopold Bloom, who goes about his day in Dublin on June 16th in the novel.

“It’s a huge book; I’ve never actually read it cover to cover, and I know very few people who have,” said Janine Roberts, visiting from Australia. “I’ve always been interested in James Joyce, but I haven’t read him in many many years.” Roberts attended a book club reading and discussion in Bryant Park for Bloomsday.

“Ulysses” clocks in at approximately 265,000 words in length. Tom Marlow from Staten Island also attended the book club, but admitted he’s never read it either.

“I’ve read bits and pieces, and listened to a lot of people read at public events,” Marlow said, “It brings it to life.”

Despite the length of the Ulysses, Paul Romero, organizer of the book club, said intimidating texts often draw even more fans than simple classics.

“Sometimes the more difficult it is, the more people turn out,“ Romero laughed.

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