Blue about bins

Although there’s nothing funny about it, Suzanne Shuchat looks at the hulking recycling bin that city officials plunked on her front doorstep three days ago and chuckles.
“How am I supposed to carry that up the front steps, through the house and into the backyard, then back onto the curb for recycling day?” asks the 79-year-old.
And even if she could heave the nearly four-foot high container into her backyard, Shuchat says she wouldn’t be able to leave it there on account of the neighbourhood raccoons.
The new bins are part of the city’s plan to reduce the landfill-bound garbage by 70 per cent in the next two years.
The new bins can be picked up by automated mechanical arm during recycling/garbage collection.
So residents across the inner city, with its lack of driveways, front yards and side yards — are erupting in outrage as the hulking containers are dropped on their doorsteps.
Over in Leslieville, Logan Avenue resident Tess Deguire is bracing herself. Many of her neighbours have had theirs delivered.
“The whole city’s going to look like a dump,” said the 43-year-old. “I guess I’m going to have to put it on the sidewalk.”

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