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Bob Dylan releases amazing ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ video 50 years later

The year 2013 has been weird for the struggling medium that is the music video, and the two major ones that were unveiled today are a clear testimony to that. Kanye West, the most popular living rapper right now, released “Bound 2,” his overhyped underwhelming video on the same day that Bob Dylan — who arguably hasn’t released anything worthy of much public attention in years — released a video that is a technologically captivating interactive experience.

Think about how weird this is: The rapper who is on top of the world right now releases something that feels like it cost $10 to make, and Dylan digs up “Like a Rolling Stone,” a song of his that so part of the popular consciousness that it borders on cliche. Yet it’s the latter one that ends up functioning as a brilliant commentary on our short-attention-span society. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

If you haven’t viewed it yet, the clip, made by a company called Interlude, is above. It features all of your favorite cable and daytime TV stars, parodying themselves by their very presence. The viewer can flip through 16 channels while personalities like Mark Maron, Drew Carey and Danny Brown (in addition to the aforementioned cable personalities) do what they do, but also lip synch the lyrics to one of the finest songs in the rock canon. On paper it reads like hubris, but on the screen it is revolutionary.

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