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Bodhi the Shiba Inu stars in ‘Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics’

The saying “every dog has its day” couldn’t be more true for Bodhi. The Shiba Inu is the model muttin new book “Menswear Dog Presents the New Classics.” His owners and book authors David Fung and Yena Kim photographed their handsome hound in men’s clothing as part of a style guide. Now there’s no reason to make a dog’s din- ner of your look.

It’s often said that one should never work with babies or animals. What’s been your experience

David: It all depends on the particular baby or the dog!We don’t photograph very many other dogs so for us, it just feels like hanging out with the family, and less like a photo shoot. Although, Menswear Baby should also be a thing.

Is it easier working with Bodhi than some male models? If so, why?

David: When you work with a dog, you really only have a small window of time that they’ll sit still for youand pose, so that makes it harder, but it also forces you to really try to nail the shot in one go.

Bodhi is getting a lot of attention from the entire world. Is he becoming a bit of a diva?

Yena: He was a diva long before he got the extra attention. The only thing that’s changed is that now he gets more treats for his behavior.

He’s a hot dog, so is he receiving some marriage or dating requests?

David: Yes! We get some hilarious dating requests from other Shiba owners. If there were a Tinder for dogs, Bodhi would clean up.

Bodhi has quite a ward- robe. Does David ‘borrow’ Bodhi’s clothes while he’s not looking?

Yena: Technically at thispoint, David actually wears Bodhi’s hand-me-downs. Brands don’t send clothing to Bodhi for his shoots, so David just ends up with his ‘fur-lined’ seconds.

Why is there no mention of houndstooth or dog- tooth patterns? Is this too close to home for Bodhi?

David: Nonsense, we love houndstooth! It’s a classic.

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