How a fertility doctor can help you start a family
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When is the right time to try and have a baby? To put it very bluntly — time is not on your side when it comes to starting a family. While this is a reality in a scientific sense, it may not be the most realistic thing for people who are trying to establish themselves professionally early on. While the sweet spot age for conception amongst women is around the age of 24, this is the time when most people are putting in their longest hours at their jobs in order to get ahead. This is exactly why many couples who are trying to conceive seek the help of a fertility doctor when they reach their thirties.

How a fertility doctor can help you start a family 

fertility doctor

It might be time to see a fertility doctor. Photo: iStock. 

Once you have made the choice, your twenties may be long behind you. By visiting a fertility clinic to meet with a fertility doctor with your partner, you will be able to get a better understanding of what you will need to prepare for as you head down the road towards building a family.

So what is a fertility doctor? A fertility doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist — or in other words a medical professional who practices a certain kind of gynecology called Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).  This practice examines the hormones of both women and men to help pinpoint the factors behind the roadblocks people may have when they are trying to conceive a child.


But what are the risks really? Isn’t it worth trying before you consult a fertility doctor? According to a recent study from Women’s Health Magazine, there a couple startling factors that come startling facts that have been revealed about how age can come into play when people wait to start a family. They found that women’s fertility tends to decline at age 32 and gets worse and worse after the age of 37. Furthermore, women who are looking to get pregnant at the age of 20 have a slim chance of having a child with Down Syndrome with the risk being one in 525. The chances at age 40 however, get much greater at one in 65.

With those statistics, it’s incredibly important to have someone in your corner that can help you to navigate this complicated time. Afterall, you should be able to both have your family and the career of your dreams. By consulting a fertility doctor to help you to conceive you will have an ally in your fight against your looming biological clock.

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