No Nut November aims to bring mental clarity and free people from porn addiction. Photo: iStock

What could you accomplish if you stopped masturbating? For Alex, it was learning Spanish.


The 32-year-old man told Gay Star News that he used to spend so much time worrying about sex that it nearly ruined his life.


“Every day it was non-stop, and I realized that I was wasting my life. What was I doing? I had goals, and I was wasting it,” he said of his constant masturbation and pursuit of sex. “Ever since I stopped going on dating apps, I feel a lot happier. I decided whenever I wanted to jerk off I would study Spanish,” he continued. “Now I’m nearly fluent.” He’s not alone: Reddit’s NoFap subreddit boasts over 200,000 members — known as “Fapstronauts” — who believe in the powers of abstaining from masturbation, known as a “reboot.” Their reasons for stopping vary, with some worrying about the power dating apps, porn and sex have over their lives. Some men are even taking it to the next level by declaring this month “No Nut November” — an entire month (or more) without self pleasure.


It’s a challenge for some men.


Day 14 of No Nut November: Two weeks in. The headaches are still persistent. Random nose bleeds have become more frequent. I lifted my F-150 off the ground using only my thoughts yesterday. Don't know how much longer I can persevere... December is soon...#NoNutNovember

— Weston M. (@EastonMcCune) November 14, 2017

But others think it’s the easiest thing ever.

day 12 of no nut november: i am in full control of my senses and have learned how to levitate

— i need a girlfriend im 6’4 (@ilooklikelilbil) November 13, 2017

Though it wasn’t created by r/NoFap, the members support it.

"The ‘No Nut November’ phenomenon is pragmatically great for organizations in the porn recovery field, as it increases people’s awareness about how their sexual lifestyles might impact their daily lives,” a spokesperson for the group told Newsweek. “NoFap isn't looking to ban or legislate pornography, but are looking to help raise awareness so that people can make an educated decision about their porn use." And it doesn’t hurt that participants say they get to a “higher plane” and gain control over their lives.

“I thought if I had the willpower to not drink, I could look at other areas of my life which had gotten out of control,” Brian, 26, told Gay Star News of why he started an abstinence kick after giving up drinking. His record? Forty days without masturbation. “It definitely helps to give me more focus and energy, and I reckon it makes me more attractive to guys,” he added.