The key to quality healthcare is understanding the needs of the patient
President of WellCare New York, John J. Burke. Photo Credit: Steve Gong.

Recent reports have shown that our economy is going through a period of growth right now. Which means most employers will be looking to expand and hire more employees. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the healthcare industry is poised to be one of these industries. The Bureau projects that healthcare related companies will add 18% more jobs overall in 2026 compared to 2016.

For WellCare of New York, which serves Medicaid and Medicare members throughout the state of New York, this means the hiring of well-trained nurses and medical professionals who can not only perform their jobs to the highest standards but who also understand the kind of quality care that their patients really need and deserve to ensure the best possible health outcomes.

“WellCare is recognized as one of the top-performing Medicaid plans in New York,” said John J. Burke, the President of WellCare New York. “These ratings demonstrate how WellCare is helping our members access the right care, at the right time, when they need it most, and reinforces our continued commitment to providing access to quality care for our members.”



John J. Burke, President of WellCare New York. Photo Credit: Steve Gong. 

As Burke, the President of WellCare New York, sees it, WellCare prides itself in hiring the holistic healthcare professional – one who understands the entire process when approaching their patient’s needs. This is incredibly important as our population ages. A recent report found that 10,000 people become eligible for Medicare each day.

Healthcare professionals such as registered nurses and social workers play an important role in achieving this. They are in the field providing WellCare members with personalized services, including discharge planning and in-home monitoring of after a hospital visit. Or helping women with a preterm newborn to manage the medical and emotional aspects. Through face-to-face visits and telephonic check-ins with patients, WellCare care managers help ensure members have access to the right health information and resources.

They also work closely with physicians and other caregivers to ensure the entire health team is on board with what a patient needs and that there are no gaps in care.

“Our care managers get to know our members and learn what they need, both from a healthcare perspective and what barriers may be in place that are preventing them from a healthy life,” Burke said. “At WellCare we help connect our members overcome social determinates to health like safety, literacy, food needs, or a language barrier. WellCare of New York employees, for example, speak more than 40 different languages. We help our members navigate the system and get the care they need.”

WellCare’s commitment to serving their community includes regular Days of Service with organizations that often are the same ones helping their members. “We want our employees to live the mission. This means going beyond healthcare, beyond ‘normal’ business to help our members. Personally, for me, this is what makes working at WellCare so meaningful. That we are always striving to make an impactful mark on our members.”

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