Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Back from the weather dead … with apologies – Metro US

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Back from the weather dead … with apologies

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Back from the weather dead … with apologies

On Dec. 23, 2011, I faded to black. It’s a television term that means basically an ending of a show, or, in my case, the ending of one’s television career. Fox 29 and I parted ways on that day as I rode off into weather oblivion, never to be seen again on local television news.

It was painful and scary, as I was transported into an unknown abyss. It was a pure free-fall with no parachute, no ripcord, just a fall straight down from what at onetime was the very highest of meteorological mountains. I had achieved my childhood dream, after having set the bar very high by aspiring to one day become the meteorologist on CBS2 in New York on the 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts. I lived the dream and more.

I considered myself very blessed and fortunate, this kid who came from nothing, bad neighborhood, no money, just a dream. The executive who helped pave my way to New York also led me back to Fox television in Philadelphia. His name is Dennis Swanson, the president of station operations for Fox television station groups. When my careerunceremoniously ended, I felt not only had I let myself down, I had let down my daughter, my newsroom, respected colleagues, fans ( I had a few), but especially

Dennis for failing as a trusted newsroom leader. For this I apologize, as I have nobody to blame but myself. Sometimes you just need to listen and keep your mouth shut. I failed miserably at that. Fox, NBC and CBS all gave this kid an opportunity of a lifetime to live out my dream and for this I will always be grateful and now humbled.

You might be wondering why I’m bringing all this up now. Well, this past week I filled in on an upstart TV news station located in New Jersey called SNJ Today News. It opened up a flood of memories, as it sent me back in time when I was simply ecstatic just to be in a newsroom. It took me back to my roots. It reminded me just how much Imiss it. Sometimes I wish I was that kid from Long Island who had this dream. … Those were the best days of my life.


Local forecasts

New York

Monday: Wind blown, sun and clouds 65

Tuesday: Cloudy 65

Wednesday: Showers south 65

Thursday:Sun returns 73

Friday: Great finish sunshine 75

Saturday Sun and clouds 75

Sunday: Sun and clouds 72


Monday:Plenty of sun, breezy milder 66

Tuesday: Grab the Umbrella 62

Wednesday: Morning drops 65

Thursday: Sun returns 72

Friday: Fantastic finish 75

Saturday: Sun and clouds 76

Sunday: Possible shower 73


Monday: Wind blown, some sun 62

Tuesday: Changeable skies 68

Wednesday:Clouds dominate cooler 61

Thursday: Sun and clouds 69

Friday: Sweet finish 71

Saturday: Nice 75

Sunday: More nice 72

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