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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Coastal for Dad?

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My dad passed away way too soon, and he never had the chance to see me achieve my childhood dream of becoming the CBS TV weatherman. However, I knew he was still there by my side as my very first TV contract was signed on Oct.7,1987, four years to the day he passed.Thank you dad for helping me live my dream, I was truly blessed.

You might be asking why have the last 12 years become so special?Well,as any dad would tell you there is nothing more loving and special than a daddy’s love of his daughter. Onthis coming Father’s Day, I will put away all communication in my crazy world ( my 12-year-old daughter tells me now, get rid of the phone) and it’s nothing but father-daughter time.

Whenever I see her, everything that might be going on in my life or the world melts away. AsI write this and see the news and the endless sea of innocent deaths, it only increases my concerns as my beautiful, wonderfully sensitive child starts to venture into this unknown world of horrific violence. I worry so deeply about her, as I know you as parents have the same overwhelming concerns.

Now back to something. I can write about without emotion, the weather.

Most of this week is looking fantastic with plenty of sunshine and low humidity that should take us right through midweek.

However, the models are hinting that a slowly evolving coastal storm might start to take shape on Friday near the Mid-Atlantic coast and start to spread rain northward up and along the coast. It appears the biggest threat is from Philly and points south in the early part of the weekend.

One model is also suggesting that the coastal storm, may actually get pulled back westward towardthe Northeast meaning a rainstorm for the Northeast coast on Father’s Dayas far back as the I-95 corridor. This would be very unusual for this time of year, althoughwe still have plenty of time to see if this turns out to be fact or fiction. Confidence level at this early time frame is very low.

Even if it does rain on Dad’s day, in the grand scheme of things, it’s really no big deal.


Monday: Wind blown sun andclouds 76

Tuesday: Mostly sunny 77

Wednesday: Sunny 80

Thursday: increasing clouds 76

Friday: Cool breeze 68


Saturday : Some sun 77

Dads Day : offshore storm looms 68

New York

Monday: Wind blown sunshine 80

Tuesday: Sunshine 81

Wednesday: Sunshine 85

Thursday: Scattered afternoon showers 80

Friday: Windy showers 73


Uncertain depending on coastal storm formation

If storm remains offshore then expect Sunshine & temps around 80


Monday: Sunshine, not as windy or hot 84

Tuesday: Sunny 83

Wednesday: Sunny 86

Thursday: Possible showers 81

Friday: Rain threat 75


Will depend on coastal storm formation

If storm remains offshore expect Sunshine temps low 80s Still uncertain at this time

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