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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Cooling down as hurricane season heats up

Children play in a fountain in Washington Square Park during a heat wave this summer.
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The storms that rocked much of the Northeast late Saturday afternoon and evening has put an end to the relentless heat and humidity which has dominated most of this summer. Finally a true-to-life cool front with a Canadian high pushing down from the north and west will keep temperatures and humidity at much more comfortable levels, as us human heat sponges will be able to walk a few blocks without feeling like a wet mop. This beautiful air mass should last through mid-week, before increasing humidity and temperatures begin to return to the region by Friday.

The tropics are heating up!

We are now starting to get deep into the hurricane season, as activity usually picks up in the month of August and then peaks during mid-September, although the season continues into November.

First up is Tropical Storm Fiona, located about 900 miles northeast of the Leeward Islands, and moving quickly to the west/northwest at about 16 mph. Fiona right now does not pose a threat to the Islands or the U.S. mainland, and should continue to weaken and pass west of Bermuda during the week.

Tropical trouble spot No. 2, located in the south, central Atlantic, right now remains weak and disorganized, but could slowly develop into a tropical storm taking on the name Gaston or Hermine.

Tropical trouble spot No. 3 has the most potential to become a strong tropical storm or a full-fledged hurricane. Located off the Cape Verde’s of Africa (usually where the bad boys or girls develop) has a lot to work with as the environment is primed for tropical storm development. The reason why these type of storms become sometimes the biggest and baddest ones is because they have thousands of miles of ocean water to fuel upon, if they can survive the long journey across the ocean. Right now I believe this one will most likely take on the name Gaston.


Monday: Humidity relief,nice 80
Tuesday: Sunshine, 79
Wednesday: Sunshine, 84
Thursday: Warm and dry 85
Friday: Sun, very warm, 89
Saturday: Very warm, 88
Sunday: Nice, 81


Monday: Heat and humidity relief, nice 83
Tuesday: Sunshine, dry 83
Wednesday: Sunshine, 87
Thursday: Sun and clouds 86
Friday: Heating up, 91
Saturday: Sun, hot 90
Sunday: Sun, hot 90


Monday: Heat and humidity relief, nice 84
Tuesday: Sunshine, low humidity, 84
Wednesday: Sunshine, 87
Thursday: Sunshine, warmer, 88
Friday: Heating up, 93
Saturday: Hot,92
Sunday: More heat, 90

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