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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Holiday weekend … bust or beauty?

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Holiday weekend … bust or beauty?
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Residents living along the Northeast corridor the past three weeks have pretty much had the same complaint: “What the hell is going on with the weather!”

The month of May, has been aggravating and annoying and, yes, Mother Nature threw us all a bone this past Friday, but then quickly threw in a clunker of a weekend.
Well, we are starting off this week with the same funk we have experienced for most of May. With clouds dominating, and as an upper level storm rotates through the Northeast, we can expect scattered showers and perhaps even a few boomers especially by Tuesday afternoon.
Now before you go booking your flight to Fairbanks Alaska – yes its been nicer in Fairbanks than it’s been around here – I actually have some GREAT weather news as we move toward the unofficial launch of summer.
Let’s face it, it’s always a bit of a crapshoot on what to expect on any given Memorial Day weekend in the Northeast, but with this particular upcoming weekend, it looks like were going to get lucky. All models are indicating that a big warm up will start to arrive here by the middle of the coming week and lasting through the holiday weekend and even Memorial Day itself.
This is the way I see it, for getaway Friday, whether you’re heading to the Jersey Shore, the Hamptons of Long Island, or the capes of Southern New England, we could see a bit in the way of clouds and a scattered shower as a warm front will start to arrive from the southwest.
This front marks the leading edge of a much more humid air mass and with it’s arrival, I cannot rule out the chance of a few scattered showers or a rumble of thunder. Temperatures on Friday will be close to 80 across the I-95 corridor, and the upper 60s at most shore points.
The holiday weekend forecast: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, Mother Nature will be dealing sunshine, with temperatures generally in the low 80s away from the coast, and mainly in the lower-mid-70s, before sea breezes kick in and cool off the beaches quickly.
It does not get any better than that on any given Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully by Tuesday of next week everyone will be yapping about what a fantastic holiday weekend it was. If it’s not there will be hell to pay … trust me, I know.
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Today: Mostly cloudy, passing afternoon shower 66
Tuesday: Scattered showers and a boomer possible. 60
Wednesday: Increasing sunshine and warmth 79
Thursday: Changeable skies 75
Friday: Few scattered showers/possible storm 69
Saturday: Becoming sunny 76
Sunday: Mostly sunny 80
Monday: Sun & clouds 80
Capes..temps will be mainly in the upper 60-to low 70s
Cape Cod surf temp: 52
Today: Mostly clouds, few scattered afternoon showers. 72
Tuesday: Scattered showers and storms 73
Wednesday : Sun, warm blast 84
Thursday: Sun to clouds warm 85
Friday: Warm/more humid scattered showers or storm 80
Saturday: Sun, more humid 85
Sunday: Isolated inland storm 85
Monday: Sun/clouds Inland storm 85
Jersey shore will see temps in the low-mid-70s before cooling sea breezes.
Keeping it dry for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. However a bit unsettled for Friday
Water temp 57
New York City
Today: Mostly cloudy, afternoon shower 71
Tuesday: Scattered showers and a boomer 69
Wednesday: Increasing sunshine and warmth 83
Thursday: Increasing clouds,warm 81
Friday: Shower or storm possible 75
Saturday: Warm and more humid 83
Sunday: Warm isolated inland storm 83
Monday: Warm 83
Long Island beaches will see temps mainly in the lower 70s before cooling sea breezes kick in
Water temp 52 degrees

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