Bolaris' Weather Watch: Mercury drops - Metro US

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Mercury drops

National Weather Service

Talk about a roller coaster ride of temperatures.

All last week temperatures were at summer-time, record-high levels in some cases, as many locations busted into the mid-80s.

The Jekyll and Hyde weather was in full force this past weekend, as warm air surged up the East Coast on Friday at the same time the strongest cold front of the season was barreling down upon us from the Great Lakes on Friday night into Saturday.

Folks were in weather shock on Saturday morning as the mercury plummeted some 25 degrees, and the wind was howling out of the northwest and gusting over 50 mph as we scrambled for our winter coats and hats.

It looks like it could have been summer’s last hurrah as we get ready for yet the coldest blast of the season to date.

The mercury today should turn out to be the warmest of this work week. The chilliest air mass of the season will swing in tonight as readings start to dip back into the 30s and lower 40s.

The coldest nights will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday and the cities of Boston, New York, and Philadelphia will see readings dip into the 30s at the same time a few outlying suburbs will plunge into the 20s. Plenty of frost and freezes will take place acrossa good chunk of the Northeast through the middle of this week.

Grab the umbrellas by the second half of this week as the chill will be replaced by needed rain for Thursday, which should linger into Friday for Boston.

Right now, it appearsthe roller coaster ride of temperatures will kick in again as readings by this weekend will nudge back into more seasonable levels.

The long range outlook for Halloween:

Ghoulish stiff breeze, but bone dry conditions.

Boston: 47

New York City: 53

Philadelphia: 55

New York City:

Today: Becoming sunny, 62.

Tuesday: Windy, cool blast, 53.

Wednesday: Chilly, 51.

Thursday: Afternoon showers, 59.

Friday: Clearing, 61.

Saturday: Windy, milder, 62.

Sunday: Windy, cooler, 56.


Today: Early shower, windy, 56.

Tuesday: Chilly, windy, 46.

Wednesday: Chill lingers, 46.

Thursday: Late showers, 51.

Friday: Clearing, 58.

Saturday: Sunny, 58.

Sunday: Windy, 53.


Today: Becoming sunny, 63.

Tuesday: Chilly, windy, 54.

Wednesday: Chilly, 52.

Thursday: Afternoon showers, 56.

Friday: Sunshine, 59.

Saturday: Windy, milder, 62.

Sunday: Chilly, windy, 55.

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