Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Relief ahead?

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Smoldering heat and stifling humidity have blanketed the East Coast fromWashington D.C., Philadelphia, to New York City. Boston has been on the edge, but got your big dose this past weekend.

Philadelphia and New York City will continue to feel the excessive heat today, justa notch lower in humidity, for the fourth day in a row, while Bostonwill barely escape topping the 90-degree mark.

In Philadelphia, therehavebeen three heat-related deaths during this latest heatwave, along withmany reports of heat lightening – vivid flashes of lightening, glowing skies on the horizon, without rain or hearing thunder because the storms are too far away.

The smoldering heat should start to lift as we move into the second half of this week. A potent frontal system will start to close in by late Tuesday and Wednesday and this will set up a severe storm threat, with localized flooding possible by Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

The 90-degree heat train should start to derail by Thursday and eventually computer models are suggesting, with mixed signals, a significant break in heat and humidity by this upcoming weekend. The European model is indicating that we stay on the hot and humid side with other models suggesting a big break.

I’m sure your local TV meteorologists will keep you updated as long as you can sit through hours of teases,such as ” When will the heat break … possible severe storms … we will let you know when … will the heat last into your weekend … flooding rains possible … fiveday forecast ahead …10-day outlook coming … stay right there … don’t move. Sorry, just having a little fun, must be the heat!

The good news is the tropics remain quiet as we start to move into the juicy part of the hurricane season, which peaks by mid-September, but continues officially until November.


Today: Not as hot 90

Tuesday: Big storms, flooding possible 82

Wednesday: Sun and clouds, stray storm 80

Thursday: Nice, sun 83

Friday: Sweet finish, sun 82


Saturday: Beautiful, sun 82

Sunday: Sun to clouds 80

New York

Today: Still baking, late storm in spots 93

Tuesday: Late severe storms possible 92

Wednesday: Morning storm, then sun 90

Thursday: Very warm, but dry 89

Friday: Warm and dry 88


Saturday: Nicer high 85

Sunday: Possible scattered shower 85


Today: Hot and humid, stray storm 95

Tuesday: Late severe storms , hot 94

Wednesday: Morning storm, then sun 90

Thursday: Not as hot or humid 88

Friday: Sun, very warm 89


Saturday: Clouds and sun 87

Sunday:Clouds and sun 86

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