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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Snow done, funk ahead

Cities along the Northeast can expect cool, drizzly weather this week.
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Well wasn’t that a nice spring-like weekend…Not!

A few places picked up to a half of foot of snow this past weekend in parts of the Northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Freezing temperatures had you scrambling for the winter gear once again, and some of our crops and plants were damaged, from record cold.

The good news is “no more snow, the winter of 2015-16 is over,” however a big warm up is not in sight, at least not from this weather guy. Now if you’re looking at your local 7-day outlook it looks pretty good with sunshine basically from Wednesday through this upcoming weekend.

Unfortunately I don’t see it this way as an omega block is setting up, and if you’re on the wrong side of an omega block the weather will turn out funky and unsettled with showers, drizzle and cool temperatures.

An omega block is a huge upper level high-pressure ridge with two upper level low-pressure systems on each side of it. It looks like an upside-down horseshoe similar to the Greek alphabetic character omega.

If you’re in the middle of this high pressure ridge the weather will turn out very nice with abundant sunshine, however if your on the low pressure side of it, the weather turns unsettled for an extended period of time as the system is locked in “blocked.”

The Northeast is prone to annoying omega blocks around this time of year and computer models are usually slow to pick this up. My advice to all my Metro peeps, especially all coastal residents, is to keep the umbrella nearby – light jackets, sweaters, and the poncho will be in vogue this week, with the worst of it for your upcoming weekend. Smile, Memorial Day weekend is not that far away!

Philadelphia’s 7-day forecast:

Opening Day: 3:05 p.m., showers around

Temp: 59

Wind: Southwest: 10- 20 mph

Bring the poncho.

Game should be played

Tuesday: More showers. High 58

Wednesday: Cloudy, cool 55

Thursday: Cloudy/shore drizzle 56

Friday: Showers/drizzle 54

Saturday: Showers/drizzle 53

Sunday: Drizzle 55

New York City’s 7-day forecast

Monday: Clouds, few scattered showers this afternoon. 56

Tuesday: Drizzle 55

Wednesday: Drizzle, especially across Eastern Long Island. 54

Thursday: Coastal drizzle. 55

Friday: Drizzle, damp 55

Saturday: Showers/drizzle 53

Sunday: Drizzle, damp, fog 53

Boston’s 7-day forecast

Play ball!

Home opener 2:05 p.m.

Sky: Mostly cloudy

Temp: 55

Wind factor: Southwest 20 – 30 mph (Risk of a shower/sprinkle)

Tuesday: Rain by afternoon 57

Wednesday: Cooler damp 48

Thursday: Drizzle 48

Friday: Light rain and drizzle 47

Saturday: Light rain and drizzle 47

Sunday: Light rain and drizzle 49

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