Bolaris’ Weather Watch: week begins with ghostly chill – Metro US

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: week begins with ghostly chill

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: week begins with ghostly chill
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The temperature roller coaster continues, as does the dilemma of deciding what to wear outdoors.

On Halloween, we expect no scary storms, no monster hurricanes, just a paranormal chill.

It wasn’t like this about four years ago on Oct. 29, when Hurricane Sandy made a strike near Brigantine, New Jersey, on a path that has never occurred in weather history.

Sandy was truly the perfect storm as she combined with a non-tropical storm, an Arctic high, to create an enormous wind field of over 700 miles in diameter. Sandy’s storm surge generated some of the most catastrophic flooding, destroying homes along the the New Jersey coastline, especially along the northeast coast of the state. The southwest shorelines of Long Island, were leveled, and the tough as nails New Yorkers were stunned as New York City’s subway tunnels were flooded.

I was on the Howard Stern show that morning, and when I told Howard I believed the subways could flood, he looked at me as I was on some hallucinogenic drug (the answer is no to that). I was just actually scared at what we were forecasting, as it was unprecedented. With Howard being Howard, his main concern was making it to the Jimmy Kimmel show the next day. I believe he made it.

What many people seem to forget about Sandy is that it sucked in Arctic air on its western side producing blizzard conditions from western North Carolina to West Virginia

It’s been four years since Sandy and the rebuilding continues and unfortunately pockets of families are still suffering with the loss of homes and businesses. The question one must ponder is whether we can have another hurricane Sandy. The answer, unfortunately, is yes as we will remain in an extreme weather cycle for generations to come.

This week we have no major worries. In fact, much of the Northeast remains in drought conditions. Yes, we can use the rain, but prayto God not another Hurricane Sandy.

New York

Today: A ghoulish wind, 54.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, 57.

Wednesday: Warming up, 69.

Thursday: Evening showers, 69.

Friday: Clearing, windy, cooler, 57.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, 54.

Sunday: Morning shower, 53.


Today: Ghoulish wind, 51.

Tuesday: Patchy clouds, 51.

Wednesday: Sunny, milder, 63.

Thursday: Increasing clouds, 63.

Friday: Clearing, windy, cooler, 51.

Saturday: Partly cloudy, 53.

Sunday: Morning shower, 49.


Today: A ghoulish breeze, 55.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, 59.

Wednesday: Milder, 70.

Thursday: Evening showers, 72.

Friday: Clearing, breezy, cooler, 59.

Saturday: Sunny and cool, 58.

Sunday: Showers possible, 52.