Bolaris' Weather Watch: Whiteout conditions and fierce winds for NYC and Philly - Metro US

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Whiteout conditions and fierce winds for NYC and Philly

Workers clear snow as it falls near Farragut Square in Washington January 22, 2016. A

A raging blizzard is in full progress across in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

New York City and Philadelphia are under the gun, as fierce winds, combined with intense snow banding, with rates of 1-3 inches an hour are producing whiteout conditions at times, thundersnows (a thunderstorm with snow) have accompanied the intense bands of snow. This will go on throughout the day with the heavy snow shield spreading well north and west, well into Pennsylvania, Northwest New Jersey, lower Hudson Valley and into Connecticut.

Boston will be sparred, however the coast is getting rocked with blizzard warnings flying for Block island and the Vineyard.

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The fierce blizzard will wind down early Saturday evening across Philly and later Saturday night across New York City and Long Island. However, by then, the damage will be done as a wide swath of 18 to 24 inches of snow will have paralyzed the region.

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Here are the latest snow projections:

Washington D.C: 18 to 24 inches

Philadelphia:18 to 24 inches

New York City: 18-24 inches

Boston:1 to 4 inches

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