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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Winter Storm Vexo … Are you kidding me?

Here is a great weather fact for you: Did you know that there are 34 locations in the Rockies and High Plains where April is the snowiest month of the season? Not January, not February, not March — but April! Breckenridge, Colorado, averages 26.5 inches; Casper, Wyoming, 11.6 inches; and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, 11.3 inches of snow for the month of April.

Right now, while the East has been basking in sunshine and pleasant temperatures, the West has been dealing with winter storm Vexo. Yes, you heard me right: “Vexo.” Why the Weather Channel names winter storms is beyond me, although I think I know how it all started. I had a news director back in the ’90s when I was working for NBC10 Philadelphia that insisted we name all winter storms. I couldn’t stand it. I thought it should only be reserved for the naming of hurricanes and typhoons. Anyway, with me being me, I started to nickname the storms. For instance, we had winter storm Charlie.

I would simply call the storm Chuck. This drove my news director insane and he eventually put an end to naming winter storms. I won that small battle, but eventually he got even and fired me some 12 years later, winning the war. Note to future TV meteorologists, make sure to keep your friends in this business close, and your enemies even closer. Play nice to your news director and stay under the radar … pun intended.

Alright, got that off my chest. Now lets get back to winter storm sexy Vexy, which has been dumping a ton of snow across the Rockies as skiers rejoice. Here’s the latest snow totals in Colorado … and its still snowing:

Denver: 11 inches

Breckenridge: 12 inches

Eldorado Springs: 32 inches

Conifer: 45.5 inches

You get the picture: a boatload.

For us here in the Northeast, our beautiful weather will continue through mid-week, with the next chance of widespread rain not coming until Thursday and Friday this week.

Philadelphia local forecast:

Today: Golden sunshine, warm, 80

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, 73

Wednesday: Sunshine, 66

Thursday: Clouding up, late showers, 72

Friday: Showers and a boomer, 74


Saturday: Mostly sunny, 68

Sunday: Full sunshine, 70

Boston local outlook:

We still have elevated fire weather potential due to the dry conditions.

Today: Increasing clouds. High 56

Tuesday: Morning scattered showers, cool, 52

Wednesday: Sun and clouds, 54

Thursday: Nice, 70

Friday: A few showers 66


Saturday: Leftover morning shower, 56

Sunday: Return to sunshine, 58

New York this week:

Monday: Marvelous, 76

Tuesday: Sun and clouds cooler, 68

Wednesday: Golden sunshine, 65

Thursday: Late day clouds, 69

Friday: Scattered showers and a boomer, 70

Weekend outlook:

Saturday: Developing sunshine, 65

Sunday: Copious amounts of the solar disk, 67

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