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Bolaris’ Weather Watch: Wintry week ahead

Bolaris’ Weather Watch: week begins with ghostly chill
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Old Person Winter (Politically incorrect to say Old Man Winter) has been jabbing away last night with some areas along the interior sections of the northeast corridor picking up a few slushy inches of snow.

The snow line last night basically extended across the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, through northwest New Jersey on into the Lower Hudson Valley and central Connecticut and cutting through the hills north and west of Boston. Expect Boston to pick up some snow before changing to rain this morning.

The storm system responsible for the wintry mix of snow and rain will be moving away today as skies across the Northeast will clear during the afternoon hours.

We catch a nice break for the mid-week as temperatures will hang mainly in the 40s.

However, hang on to your ski beanie, as the most frigid outbreak since last mid-February will invade the entire region on Thursday and Friday. You will be walking with an extra skip in your step as your eyes tear and your teeth chatter. The mercury will hover in the mid-to-upper 20s. Combined with the wind chill factor, the temperature will feel more like the single digits by day and below zero at night.

The Weekend

The arctic air mass will begin to lose its punch. At the same time, a milder flow aloft, combined with a possible storm system, could mean a wintry bout of snow, sleet and freezing rain, before changing to rain. Mixed signals on just how significant it will be, and the timing of the event. Right now, I would lean towards saying a wintry mix is more likely on Saturday, but I’m sure your local TV meteorologist will keep you updated — after numerous teases.

New York

Today: Rain ending by mid-late afternoon, 50.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, 45.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, 42.

Thursday: Arctic blast, windy, 27.

Friday: Arctic blast, windy, 25.

Saturday: Wintry mix to rain, 34.

Sunday: Morning rain, 39.


Today: Morning sleet and rain, 43.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy, 40.

Wednesday: Dry and chilly, 38.

Thursday: Arctic blast, windy, 25.

Friday: Arctic blast, windy, 21.

Saturday: Wintry mix, 36.

Sunday: Morning rain, 40.


Today: Rain ending by early afternoon, 49.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny, 46.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, 43.

Thursday: Arctic blast, windy, 26.

Friday: Arctic blast, windy, 25.

Saturday: Wintry mix, 35.

Sunday: Clearing,40.

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