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Boobquake becomes ‘gong show’: Supporter

The only tremors that could be felt at yesterday’s Boobquake were caused by the stampeding of hundreds of men as two women flung their tops off.

One supporter, Marley Wilson, came wearing a low-cut top. She said that once at the Vancouver Art Gallery lawn she changed her mind about participating, calling the rally a “sick gong show.”

“This is the issue with being a woman and wanting to express your sexuality … people just want to gawk at you, they’re not really here to support you,” said Wilson.

Boobquake was launched last week by an Indiana student in response to an Iranian cleric who claimed women who dress suggestively cause earthquakes. The idea was to show some cleavage or a little ankle for women’s rights.

“I don’t think these people are here to support women being empowered … they’re just wanting to see some boobs,” said Wilson, her coat done up all the way to the top.

Boobquake Vancouver organizer Angela Squires was hoping to draw attention to silly claims and get the public to think critically.

“We just want to draw attention so that people think about what they are hearing … and question it,” said Squires.

The demonstration attracted many guys yielding cellphone cameras, hoping to capture more than just cleavage.

Tahmineh Sadeghi, a woman originally from Iran, said women’s bodies are always a taboo in the Islamic country.

“They have moral police to force women to cover themselves. This is not a choice for many women,” said Sadeghi.

She said Vancouver’s reaction to Boobquake shows that women’s bodies are also taboo here.

“I’m sure this is a joke for many people … they all just came to see women’s boobs,” said Sadeghi.

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