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‘Booby Trap’ sports bra rises in popularity following Queens jogger’s murder

After a woman was brutally murdered and raped off a Queens jogging path, sales of a bra with a hidden pouch have jumped.

Booby Trap Bras calls itself a “just in case” sports bra and the first ever knife bra. The athletic support has the option for a hidden knife, pepper spray or stun gun.

Jennifer Cutrona helped create the bras, according to ABC7, after she had a close call when she was jumped on a jogging trail near her home outside of Austin.

“I walked around thinking life was all rainbows and butterflies until I was jumped out at on a local running trail. I was in active wear and had no form of protection on me. The little pocket knives I had collected over the years were all at home in the drawer with my pepper spray,” Cutrona told the station.

Cutrona is also planning to launch a sports bra with a built-in button to call 911 by December, according to the New York Post.

Sales of Booby Trap Bras have increased 80 percent after Karina Vetrano’s murder in Howard Beach last week, and New Yorkers have purchased the bra more than customers from any other state, Cutrona told the New York Post.

“I keep getting orders from New Yorkers, pinging my phone. At first I was thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ Then I read the story about her. And I got sick to my stomach.”

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