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Book Pick: The Taken

The Taken
Author: Inger Ash Wolfe
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Price: $32.99 (Hardcover)

The Taken presents a story as mysterious as its author Inger Ash Wolfe, the pen name of an unknown but established Canadian writer. The novel returns to Port Dundas, Ont.’s acting police chief Hazel Micallef, who was introduced in Wolfe’s 2008 book The Calling. During the 62-year-old’s painkiller-induced recovery from a recent surgery, Micallef is called back to work after a body is found raveled in local fishermen’s lines, a crime that oddly resembles a fictional series in the regional newspaper. Twisted and surprising, the novel takes Micallef through a series of enigmatic clues that begs the question: is she being set up?

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