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Booking your own turning point

Nina McCreath stands with her partner Cathy Francis in the middle of their charming bookshop in Toronto. The Flying Dragon has been a success since they opened their doors seven years ago, but as small business owners they feel they can’t ever relax and enjoy their popularity. “It’s a business, not a hobby,” McCreath says bluntly, “and we must always be vigilant.”

The Flying Dragon was a great idea that almost never made it off the ground. Despite submitting a comprehensive business plan that had taken more than a year to complete, the banks would not give the women a start up loan. That’s when they created their own turning point and went to the publishing industry to get credit and enough books to stock their shelves. “They put their faith in us that we could run a successful business and we will be grateful forever.”

As their customers stream through the door and the books leave the shelves, Cathy and Nina say they believe that personal growth is just as important as the bottom line. “It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you become.”

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