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Bookmaker eu launches first ever play by play sports betting

Bookmaker eu launches sports betting
Bookmaker eu launches a revolutionary platform. Getty Images

Placing a sports bet before a game is common practice. But just imagine if you could make a live play-by-play wager in real time as the game is unfolding.

BookMaker.eu has made that a reality, having announced the launch of its new live wagering platform, which allows users to gamble on the outcomes of play-by-play action. The live betting platform will begin with the 2018 NCAA college football season and NFL season.

So, let’s say the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles have a first-and-goal situation against the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday Night Football tonight. Users would be able to place a play-by-play wager on whether a touchdown comes next. And that’s just one of the many situational real-time bets that you could place.

“Let’s say in our Eagles and Falcons example that you took the Falcons +3 before the game starts. Once the game goes live, the Falcons take an early lead 14-0, you come back and take the Eagles +7, and lock in your profit. Then, as you watch Matt Ryan get rattled and you get the feeling that the Falcons offense is losing their momentum, you can use our play-by-play betting product to wager on PUNT as the outcome of the current drive,” a rep for BookMaker.eu told Metro. “Then, Matt Ryan snaps the ball and gets sacked on the next play, and the Falcons line up for 4th down and punt the ball away — your PUNT bet is graded a winner and your BookMaker.eu account is credited instantly.  The only way you could get any more instant gratification out of that is if you had sacked Matt Ryan yourself.”

The live play-by-play wagering was something the online sports gambling industry needed, especially given the “now” culture we live in with technology today.

“Today’s customers want to get as close as possible to the real-time game action, and our play by-play product puts bettors front and center where the next play is about to begin,” the company’s rep added. “To post odds on play-by-play outcomes in real-time for North American sports is a huge technological achievement for our internal teams that we’re very proud of.  People today want to interact with their entertainment — and to be able to bet on the outcome of the next snap in football, or the outcome of the next at-bat in baseball — that arrives at a new level of betting action that matches today’s level of sophistication.”

Looking forward to trying out this game-changing technology?

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