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Bosh ain’t going nowhere

Chris Bosh isn’t going anywhere, both because of his own desire to turn around his team’s fortunes and because the Raptors president and general manager continues to see him as the “cornerstone” of the franchise that has underachieved this season.

On another rocky day for a listing team that’s 11 games below .500 and facing its most difficult three-game stretch of the season, Bosh and Bryan Colangelo spent time defusing a media report about the all-star’s future and promising to find some way to turn things around this season.

With an emphatic “No. No. No, I have not told him that,” Bosh shot down an ESPN report that he informed Colangelo that he would leave as a free agent in 2010, and said his only conversations with his boss have been about trying to make things better now.

“Me and Bryan talk about how to improve this team and what we can do to get better as far as personnel wise, pushing the guys, practising better and what I can do to get better,” said Bosh.
Colangelo, while admitting his 19-30 team has “underachieved” this year, said he would not entertain any trade offers for his 24-year-old four-time all-star.

“He’s not on the trade market, he’s not informing anybody here that he’s got intentions to do something different and 2010 is a long ways away for everybody,” said Colangelo. “Chris, as has been the case since I’ve been here, is the cornerstone of the franchise right now and that’s how we’re going to continue to look at it.”

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