Boston-area police crack down on texting and driving – Metro US

Boston-area police crack down on texting and driving

Boston-area police crack down on texting and driving
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Police in West Bridgewater cited 51 people on Wednesday as part of a statewide effort to cut down on distracted driving.

Using an unmarked car to spot drivers who appeared to be texting, officers pulled over motorists and asked to see the last screen on their phones, NECN reported, adding that it is illegal in Massachusetts to write, send or read electronic messages, even when stopped at a light or in traffic.

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The West Bridgewater Police Department said in a statement that distracted driving is a large public safety issue, and they encourage the public to support a recently passed Senate bill requiring drivers to use hands-free technology.

Massachusetts State Police and local departments announced a policy earlier this month targeting drivers using their phones, CBS Boston reported, adding that Duxbury police stopped more than 15 people for distracted driving on Monday.

In West Bridgewater, distracted drivers who were cited each received a $105 ticket, NECN added.

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Of the 51 people given tickets on Wednesday, one was cited twice, police stated, adding that he told police on the second occasion that he thought they had left the area for the day.