Boston-area police warn of undetonated fireworks washing ashore – Metro US

Boston-area police warn of undetonated fireworks washing ashore

After a malfunction and fire on two fireworks barges left many of the combustibles undetonated, authorities are now warning beachgoers that those fireworks could wash ashore on area beaches over the next few days.

On Tuesday, officials in Plymouth warned residents that unused firework shells could start washing onto Long Beach, Nelson’s Park and Stephen’s Field in the coming days, Fox25 reported. A Monday night malfunction at a waterfront fireworks show resulted in the fireworks not being detonated as planned.

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“These incidents underscore just howunpredictable fireworks are even for trained professionals,” a statement from State Fire Marshal Peter J. Ostroskey was quoted by CBS Boston, which added that nobody was injured in the incident that began when one fireworks barge caught fire and then another malfunctioned.

The fire and police departments in Plymouth have advised beachgoers to call the authorities if unexploded fireworks are found,Boston.comreported, also stating that residents should not touch any fireworks found on area beaches.

While officials have already been working to clean up any unexploded fireworks, ocean tides could bring more ashore in the coming days, and these fireworks could be very dangerous, according to Fox25.