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Boston band releases new album on Aeronaut Brewing Company beer cans

Music and beer is a great combo. Photo by Henry Jani

There’s a rip in the fabric of space, time and reality in Somerville. That, and a lot of beer and LEDs.

The Lights Out, a Boston indie rock band formed over a decade ago, is celebrating the release of their fourth album “T.R.I.P” at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville. The catch is that you can only listen to the record via instructions on the side of a custom made beer can called “Intergalaxyc T.R.I.P.” from Aeronaut Brewing Company.

“Beer is way more delicious than vinyl,” explains The Lights Out guitarist Adam Ritchie. The band wanted to create a more innovative and cost effective way to share their music, which resulted in what might be the first album released solely on the cans of a craft beer. Ritchie notes that he has submitted this accomplishment to the Guinness World Records and is awaiting approval.

“T.R.I.P.,” which stands for “The Reckonings in Pandimensionality,” is an expansive collection of musical stylings which reflects the group’s variegated range. “We’ve got everything from bangers to ballads,” explains Ritchie.

The Lights Out is most known for their dynamic, hyper-chromatic concerts integrating thousands of lights at local shows all the way to performances at South by Southwest. When Ritchie approached Aeronaut founder Ben Holmes with this vision of a custom beer, he answered with what he describes as a “light feeling, imperial IPA” made solely, and fittingly, from galaxy hops. “You get a little vanilla, lychee and citrus in there,” adds Holmes.

Ben Houge, professor of electronic production and design at Berklee College of Music, thinks that the beer is certainly a good reflection of the album. His background in video game scores and classical music brought him to study the ways in which music can dictate real-life experiences, specifically, eating and drinking.

“Taste is well documented by scientists now,” explains Hogue. “For example, we know that high frequency sounds are associated with sweetness while low frequency noises pair with bitterness.”

He also notes that Aeronaut had to overcome the challenge of creating a flavor profile for an entire, diverse album as opposed to a single song. “I think the beer averages out all the songs and creates a mood for the whole album,” says Hogue.

The launch event, guaranteed to be extra lively as well, will open with a VIP hour where Brooklyn Boulders members and those with upgraded tickets can challenge themselves with headlight climbing. Marketing manager Abigail Taylor explains that “you’re given a headlamp, and that’s the only thing that is guiding you up the wall in the dark room.” Concert-goers can also expect the “Intergalaxyc T.R.I.P” beer, wine, break dancers and a performance by the band Bearstronaut.

If you go:

July 29, 8 p.m., Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, 12A Tyler St., Somerville, $15 to $30, bkbdaysv.splashthat.com


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