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Boston coffee shop bakes ‘Deflate-gate’ cookies; makes us chuckle

Deflate-gate cookies were selling like (excuse the mixed metaphor) hotcakes after the co-founder of Boston Common Coffee Co. posted pictures of his baker’s creation – sad, soft, sagging football cookies – on Twitter.

The full blown mocking of Deflate-Gate exploded on the Internet following allegations that the Patriots won Sunday night’s AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts by using flaccid footballs.

According to ESPN, sources close to the NFL’s investigation say 11 of the 12 pigskins were determined to be under-inflated by 2 pounds of air (pounds per square inch). Footballs used in NFL games are required to be between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch.

“I said to my baker ‘How funny would it be if we made deflated footballs?’ So we made enough for ten for each store,” Peter Femino told Metro.

And to add to the mock, mock, mocking of the whole thing, Femino decided to see the cookies on the cheap – one dollar.

“We decided to sell deflated cookies at deflated prices,” he said of his baker Wren Werner’s shortbread creations covered with royal icing.

“We’re going to keep making them. We’re probably breaking even or losing money on them.”

Make no mistake, though, Femino adds: “I’m a big Patriots fan … “We’re making light of the situation.”

The Patriots are being pilloried far and wide. Krispy Kreme tweeted out a photo of its football donut under the #deflategate with this line above: “Ours are fully filled.”

Here are some others:

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