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Boston Free Speech group planning another rally for November

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The Boston Free Speech group behind the controversial rally on Boston Common in August has announced another event in November.

The group announced that it is a co-host of the “Rally for the Republic,” planned for Nov. 18 at the Parkman Bandstand.

Other groups involved include Resist Marxism, Massachusetts Patriots United, and Massachusetts Oath Keepers, according to their Facebook page — all groups which say their goals are to defend the Constitution and specifically free speech.

A landing page for the rally is on the Resist Marxism group’s website, which is also soliciting volunteers “who can commit to come to the rally.”

“Calling patriots across America to the Boston Common on November 18th in support of the Rally for the Republic,” the site says. “We ask patriots from across the nation to stand with us and defend freedom of speech in Boston from the machinations of Mayor Marty Walsh and the violence of the mobs.  We will not allow them to curtail our 1st amendment rights. If patriots will not defend freedom of speech then it will be lost.”

The rally is intended to be a “patriotic theme,” according to the group, to defend free speech, support the Constitution, stand for the American flag and honor veterans.

Though the Resist Marxism website says that the rally is taking place in part because “the nation’s flag is being disrespected by athletes, celebrities, and politicians,” the Boston Free Speech group said on their Facebook that they  support “an individual’s right to salute, stand, sit, ignore the flag as they see appropriate, as it is all First Amendment protected.”

Resist Marxism also said that veterans’ sacrifices are “forgotten” and that free speech is under attack by local governments and groups like ANTIFA as reasons for why the rally will be held.

“It is time to reclaim our nation and what better place to do this than in the city where the American Revolution began,” the group said.

The groups have applied for a permit with the city parks department, a spokesman confirmed, for what they called a “Patriotic Freedom Rally” on Nov. 18. “The permit is pending and will go through the normal permitting review process,” the department spokesman said.