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Boston Globe columnist suspended for Boston Marathon Bombing fabrications

Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen
Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen. Photo: Getty Images/Paul Marotta

Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen has been suspended for three months without pay following an investigation into comments and remarks he made about the Boston Marathon Bombings that occurred on April 15, 2013.

The decision to suspend Cullen was announced on Friday, June 15 after an extensive review of his column by a third party.

The Boston Globe had initially placed Cullen on paid leave back in late April 2018 with pay when a column he wrote, reflecting on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombings on its fifth-year anniversary, had sports radio station WEEI and others questioning his story.

Cullen had placed himself at the scene of the bombings, detailing the unforgettable events in his writing where he spoke about seeing victim Krystle Campbell, who lost her life, as well as witnessing emergency personnel as they worked to help those injured.

Cullen also described seeing a firefighter assist a young girl by carrying her to safety before going back to look for her limb in the wreckage, among other scenes he painted in his anniversary column.

It was later confirmed by Kevin Cullen himself and others that he was not on the scene of the 2013 bombings but miles away.

Following the investigation and Cullen’s official suspension, Boston Globe’s publisher John Henry and editor Brian McGrory have released a statement.

“Our review leads us to a conclusion that Mr. Cullen damaged his credibility. These were serious violations for any journalist and for the Globe, which relies on its journalists to adhere to the same high standards of ethics and accuracy when appearing on other platforms. Our review also leads us to believe that Mr. Cullen did not commit irrevocable damage.”

Columnist Kevin Cullen has yet to officially comment on his suspension.

Cullen is scheduled to return to the Boston Globe sometime in September to work as a general assignment reporter for two months before he is allowed to work as a columnist again.

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